My Story
Magnus Eckert Portrait Photo

It all began with a birthday card...

In 2007 Ortrun, my in-law grandmother, gave me a hand-drawn birthday card. It was a happy pun, beautifully written in artistic black letters.

It reminded me how magically words can become art with only using a pen and paper. No software. No screen. Just a calm hand and a creative mind. So I bought my first brushpen.

Handlettering inception

Stroke by stroke, I slowly developed the skill of handlettering – next to my busy dayjob as user experience designer and vibrant life as a father of two.

But it never went further than a half-hearted Instagram account and two handlettering workshops (of which one was paid, at least).

Starting a side-hustle

After countless digital projects and way too much screentime I wanted to use my hands again for more than just clicking a mouse and swiping a black glass.

So I picked up my old brushpens. And combined all skills that I have picked up along the way into a side-hustle that has become

Human to human

With this project I want to spread my passion for handlettering and connect with the world.

Will this make me rich? Most certainly not. But happy. And hopefully you enjoy this ride with me a little bit along the way.

Happy handlettering!